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Choose 2 servings each week from one recipe that will make you want to become a chef. Please choose the delivery day. For subscribers we offer Tuesday or Thursday. According to the delivery day you specify, we will always contact you a day in advance to take your order.

Easy, cooking simple! 

Number of servings: 2 servings 

Delivery interval: once a week Tuesday or Thursday (individual agreement ) 

Recipes: 2 servings of any recipe once a week subscriptions do not apply to premium recipes 

Subscriber benefits: 

Once a week you don't have to worry about "What to cook for dinner?" 

Free courier after first delivery


In the notes on the order, please write which day you will use the service. Tuesday Thursday If you are giving a subscription as a gift, please write the contact details of the recipient in the notes next to the order. (Name, Surname, email, telephone number, delivery address) Subscriptions do not apply to premium meat recipes.  

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