PRICE FOR 1 kg / 585, - CZK

INFO: BIO hovězí květová špička - very high-quality beef with fine fibers. The best part of the leg, this muscle is not so stressed, so the meat is very tender. It is used to prepare large steaks with fine veins of fat and a distinctive taste - so-called rump steaks. It is suitable for baking and stewing, from marinated portions there are fragile minutes. Slices of meat are also suitable for Spanish birds or sirloin sauce.

Origin: Krušné hory - Czech republic 

Maturation: Dry and wet

Maturation period: At least 14 days

Type of meat: Leg

Suitable for: Grill, Grinding, Sauces, Baking, Steaks

SUPPLIER: Meatpoint Farm Butcher, Bubenečská 308/13 Prague

PACKAGING: BIO rump steak (organic beef flower tip) - we bring a package weighing 200g sliced ​​and vacuumed directly from the supplier. The weight of the package can deviate by weight by approx. 10% up or down, depending on the butcher's cut. Nutritional values ​​to be inquired directly at the butcher.

STORAGE: Store at temperature: -1 ° C to + 4 ° C.

PRICE: 200 g / 117 CZK (1 kg / 585 CZK)

117.00 Kč
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