Meat Point | Dejvice

"We are farmers from the Ore Mountains, where we freely breed first-class cattle on 1,300 hectares, which we slaughter without stress under veterinary supervision and let mature in the most modern slaughterhouses in our country."

Fruits & Vegetables | Market Holešovice

When talking about fruits or vegetables we need to introduce you to market in Holešovice.

This place is full of local suppliers, small business where you get everything in high quality and super fresh. works with Ondrej Svoboda. Small stand in the market full of the best quality vegetables you can find, We choose and pick  to provide you with the best.

Fish & Poultry | Dejvice

Spices special shop | Dejvice 

Fresh Only |

Public Interest Bar |

We buy meat for you exclusively at the Meatpoint - Farm Butcher Shop, Dejvice

We always buy fish and poultry from Mr. Hronek in his shop Drůbež & Ryby Hronek, Dejvice.

According to the current quality and seasonality of individual foods, we buy other ingredients individually from various suppliers. If necessary, we will send the customer detailed information about the individual ingredients in electronic form.


Richard Hubač | Chef 

Work experience 

Prague culinary institute, La Bottega Bistroteka, Kampa Park, Restaurant Hergertova cihelna, Bebos Bistro