Q & A

What will I get by using EasyJidlo.cz?

Homemade meals, lovely cooking experience, trying new recipes. You will also gain time by avoiding visits to the shops. With our cooking, you will use everything up and have no food waste. 

What am I paying for?

With your order, our day starts the very next day. Every week morning we travel to the local farmers and other suppliers to pick for you the best quality vegetables, fruits, fish or meat. Because we love to keep our standard high we make sure that ingredients delivered to you are the most fresh, highest quality, and the best.

After bringing them from the shop we then measure and weigh all the ingredients according to the recipes and prepare them for the meal kits. We box everything up and ad the photo recipe. After all this process the meal kit is ready to be delivered to you on the same day, that afternoon.

Why is EasyJIdlo.cz better than delivered/already made meal?

If you want to be sure of the quality of the used ingredients, the best choice is EasyJidlo.cz. Cooking with us is a fun and easy experience. Nothing is missing and is really quick and easy, Why not to try to cook yourself and have a perfect meal made by you in your own kitchen!

How long can I keep the EasyJidlo.cz box uncooked?

Because we shop for you on the day of the delivery, you can store the meal kit in the fridge for up to 3 days.

How long does it take to cook the meal?

You should be able to have all the cooking done in 30 minutes.

When will I get my ordered EasyJidlo.cz meal kit?

Your order will be delivered the next Tuesday or Friday after ordering. On the day of delivery, you can order until 8:30 in the morning.

How many portions do I have to order?

The minimum amount is 2 portions. You can choose from any combination you like.

Whan, will I get my order?

Your order will be delivered the next Tuesday and Friday after ordering. On the day of delivery, you can order until 8.30 am.

What is the price of the delivery?

The delivery works on every Tuesday and Friday from 1-8 pm. 
The price of the delivery is 49,- CZK. Our courier will contact you on the day of delivery to arrange a suitable time for you. The packaging is for free.

What is the packaging?

The ingredients are wrapped in paper bags. Unfortunately for sauces, meat, and fish, we need to use plastic containers. We are working on the improvements. 

Why should I not just order take away?

If you want to have control of what you eat, of the quality of the ingredients, EasyJidlo.cz is definitely the answer for you. With us, you can see and smell what you get and can also enjoy easy home cooking. 

Is there something that I won't find in the EasyJidlo.cz box?

Please have a home: salt, pepper, olive oil, and sugar. All the other ingredients will be brought to you in EasyJidlo.cz box.

For more questions, write to us at  easyjidlo@gmail.com