Danny & Michelle | Founders and all positions workers in Easyjidlo.cz

We are a small family company, therefore, we are aware of the importance of spending time together. We love cooking and eating together. Quality and fresh ingredients from local suppliers are our priority. We support a zero-waste policy. 

Michelle - family, business, and cooking is her pleasure. It all comes together in Easyjidlo.cz project. No more worries about what to cook to please her 3 kids and her partner. Finding, choosing, and tweaking the recipes to make them tasty, easy and healthy is her thing.

Danny - always working in the gastronomy industry. Taking care of people so that they can forget their worries and enjoy themselves is his thing. Making life easier and enjoy yourself is his motto.

This is the main reason why we started EasyJídlo.cz company. Cooking with pleasure. No time wasted. Enjoy yourselves.  

Richard | Chef, and supervisor of all recipes 

Our friend and professional chef Richie. Richie has got plenty of experiences to make sure the recipes we are offering to you are the best, the easiest, under 30 minutes, and especially TASTY.